6 Add-ons For Various Personalities FireFox Download

 The array of users of Firefox download browser is simply wide. Kids use it, adults use it. That's why there are various extensions that appeal to various personality types. Are you the type who's curious and wants to learn more about every new word you encounter? Or perhaps you don't like ads disturbing your browsing session? There's an add-on for you! Here are some Mozilla Firefox download add-ons for various personality types.

First in line would be Adblock. This is a favourite among those who want uninterrupted browsing. Don't you just hate those windows that pop up in your face as soon as you click something online? These are types that open more advertisements when you click one image or link. If you're someone who doesn't like these ads, then by all means install Adblock in your Firefox download browser.

As for those who are curious about anything, you can install Clusty Toolbar. It helps you cluster search results from a number of search engines like Google and Yahoo. Your results can even contain encyclopaedia information, shopping sites, and yes, even gossip. This is one good way of researching a topic through your Mozilla Firefox download browser. For example, if you're going to travel, this tool can help you get to know your travel destination faster.

As for those who are only curious about words, install DictionarySearch. This Firefox download extension adds and extra option on your right click. When it's activated, all you'll need to do is to highlight the word and click "Define." It will automatically open a new tab that shows the word's definition based on Dictionary.com.

If you're an Internet marketer or a blogger and you want to know more about your competitor's site, use About Site. Here are a few of what information it can give you about a website: Alexa traffic information, Whois query, and Google Related information. It's a powerful little tool for your Mozilla Firefox download.

Always worried about your Internet connection? Install Bandwidth Tester and you'll get a better idea on how fast or slow you can download files. It's the faster way of testing your connection's speed.

Finally, are you a music lover? Then one thing you usually do is press Alt+Tab to move between the browser and your music player. But why not install a control panel on your Firefox download browser instead? Install FoxyTunes so you can play, pause, forward, and adjust the volume right from your browser.
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